Ken Riemer

I sometimes get asked “What’s with the Us, isn’t it only you?’

The truth is, I’m not alone.   The Us is a team of everyone involved in creating these images.  Clients, Art Directors, Designers, Makeup Artists, Food Stylists, Digital Support Technicians, Talent, Retouchers, Set Stylists & Builders and an unnamed supporting cast all have a hand in creating each image.

That image is what bridges the gap between the idea and the message.  It has to carry all the weight of the client’s hopes and expectations.  In a fraction of a second it has to speak a complete visual sentence of personality, time, place, mood, tone, gesture and color.  That’s kind of a lot to ask of 1/60th of a second.

Creating the image isn’t necessarily easy but it’s fun as hell.  I got into this because it was fun and it still is.  Come have some fun with Us.